IFP School Alumni Association IN BRIEF


The IFP School Alumni Association is the association that brings together all IFP School graduates.
It was established in 1935 and given public interest recognition on 18 July 1952.

Every graduate is an ex officio member of the IFP School Alumni Association. But only those who have paid their year’s membership fee can vote at Annual General Meetings and have access to all the services offered by our association.


The association has four principal missions:

  • To coordinate the network of 18,000 Alumni in France and around the world
  • To support alumni throughout their career, wherever they are: conferences, interviews, help with CV preparation and job vacancies
  • To develop solidarity between different generations of alumni via a variety of events such as Drink&Network gatherings, the annual dinner and themed events.
  • To reinforce the link between alumni and IFP School


The association has various commissions to help it accomplish its missions:

  • The Employment-Careers Commission
  • The Directory Commission
  • The International Commission
  • The IFP School Alumni Mag Commission
  • The Events & Culture Commission


The fact that we are able to represent and manage this network is due to the collective commitment of everyone (via membership fees and the availability of volunteers, supporting the Association, the Foundation and the School)!

Being part of the IFP School Alumni Association is all about belonging to a community that shares the same values and maintains contact between all the school’s graduates, wherever they are in the world.

Please join us!