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01 October 2020
IFP School News

The SEA, led by Jean-Charles Ferré, an IFP School graduate, becomes the SEO

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This is a historic turning point: the French Armed Forces are adopting a new energy strategy based on the slogan "consume safely, consume less, consume better".

As part of this strategy, the Service des Essences des Armées (SEA, the Army Fuel Service) has been renamed the Operational Energy Service (SEO). Its aim: to curb the Ministry of Defense's consumption and reduce vulnerabilities and dependencies.

Jean-Charles Ferré, a graduate of the former Petroleum and Energy Products Application program (APP, Class of 1995), now known as Energy and Products (PRO), and head of the SEA since August 2018, will lead this transformation.

The "Operational Energy" division will explore areas such as hybridization and biojetization, themes that are addressed within the PRO program.

Photo copyright: Operationnal Energy Service

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